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Workshop Errors

Clearing the workshop folder

Steam stores all your workshop downloads within a game specific-folder. For unturned, both subscribed workshop items, and those downloaded by servers appear here. It's common for players to accumulate large numbers of "ghost" mods that are loaded by the game but don't show as subscribed on steam. The easiest way to remove these by is clearing your workshop folder.


  1. Navigate to the steam workshop folder for unturned

    • This is typically located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\304930, but can change depending on where you installed Steam.
  2. Now that you've navigated to the folder, you can delete the folders inside of it


if you're a modder or edit anything in this folder, make sure you back up your unpublished/edited work before deleting anything

Now your game should launch faster, and should have a significantly reduced memory footprint. Any mods you've subscribed to will be downloaded again by steam automatically.

Last update: March 5, 2021