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Server Update Notifications

Steam News Hub

User facing

The latest major patch notes can be found on the Steam News Hub. Minor patch notes are generally published in the steam forums, if at all.


Programmatic access can be gained using the GetNewsForApp endpoint on the Steam web API. You do not need an API key for this endpoint.


All Unturned Steam news is pushed to its RSS feed. You can find it here. It's formatted as a standard RSS feed with past posts included.

Latest update RSS

The latest game version is posted here along with the Steam Build id, and published date. The SDG RSS feed only contains the most recent update.


Unturned Official announcements

Game updates are pushed to the Unturned Official Discord #steam-dedicated-server-updates announcement channel. You can subscribe a channel in your discord server to it to see updates in your server. Discord announcements


This system is still a work in progress and subject to change at the time of publishing. maintains a channel in our discord server that parses Steam News Hub patch notes to discord readable markdown formatting instead of an external, allowing them to be read at a glance. You can subscribe to it in the same manner as other discord announcement channels.

Last update: March 22, 2021