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Server Monetization Policy


Unturned servers must follow the Server Hosting Rules

Server Monetization Filter

To accompany the Server Monetization Policy, servers can now specify their level of Monetization in the config.json file. By default, your server will be set to Unspecified. Users will be able to filter out servers based on their monetization policy, so it is likely in your best interest to set it accurately.


If you choose to set this field, ensure it is accurate.


The default value, leave this be if you're unsure which section your server falls under or don't care.


If your server contains no form of monetization or only accepts donations, you should set Monetization to None.


If your server contains allowed forms of monetization, you should set Monetization to NonGameplay. Ensure your server meets the allowed forms of monetization by thoroughly reading the server hosting rules.

Last update: May 30, 2021