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Stereo Song Asset

This is an Asset v2 class.

Defines a music track that can be played on the in-game stereo item. (Or any custom music player item for that matter.) For an example refer to Unturned_Theme.asset in the Songs folder.

Asset Properties Reference

Title string: display text to show in the music player menu. If a localization .dat file is present the Name key will be used, or a translation reference can be used. Examples:

"Title" "My song"


Name in {Language}.dat file


    "Namespace" "SDG"
    "Token" "Stereo_Songs.Unturned_Theme.Title"

Song Master Bundle Pointer: audio clip to play. Can either be a newer master bundle pointer or an older content pointer. Examples:

    "MasterBundle" "core.masterbundle"
    "AssetPath" "Effects/Ambience/Cave_0/Cave_0.ogg"

Link_URL string: optional URL to open in web browser when external link button is clicked.

Last update: May 26, 2023