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Game Server Login Tokens

Beginning in version, Unturned dedicated servers must be authenticated using a Game Server Login Token or GSLT in order to be displayed on the server list.

Creating GSLTs

You can manually create GSLTs while logged in with your Steam account here:

Use Unturned's app ID 304930, and a memo to remind you which server the token is for.

Unturned Configuration

The GSLT can be set in one of two places depending on your preference:

  • With the Login_Token property in each server's Config.json file under the Browser section.


  • Using the GSLT command during startup. This can be specified in the Commands.dat file or on the command-line.

Automating GSLTs

Valve provides an IGameServersService web API for managing GSLTs. Consult their documentation here:

Last update: November 25, 2021