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Resource Data

Resources in Unturned allow for players to receive experience or items by destroying or foraging nodes (i.e. trees, ore deposits).


Properties are formatted as Property_Key \<data_type>: description

Auto_Skybox: Specifies if the game should generate its own skybox for the resource.

BladeID: Similar to caliber for items. Allows the resource to be destroyed only by an item with the same BladeID.

Bypass_ID_Limit <flag>: Allows you to use an ID that is within the space reserved for vanilla content, the game will throw an exception if you use an ID below 50 otherwise.

Chart <enum>: NONE, GROUND, IGNORE, HIGHWAY, ROAD, STREET, PATH, LARGE, MEDIUM, WATER, CLIFF. Specifies what chart color should be used for the resource.

Christmas_Redirect <guid>: Asset used during Christmas.

Exclude_From_Level_Batching <boolean>: Specifies if the resource should be included in level batching.

Explosion <guidOrLegacy>: The effect spawned when the resource is destroyed.

Forage <flag>: Specifies if the resource can be foraged.

Forage_Reward_Experience <uint32>: The amount of experience given after being foraged.

Has_Clip_Prefab <boolean>: Specifies if the resource has its clip prefabs.

Health <uint16>: How much health the resource should spawn with.

Holiday_Restriction <enum>: NONE, HALLOWEEN, CHRISTMAS, APRIL_FOOLS, VALENTINES, PRIDE_MONTH, MAX. Restricts resource visibility to the specified holiday.

Halloween_Redirect <guid>: Asset used during Halloween.

Log <uint16>: The log item spawned when destroyed.

No_Debris <flag>: Specifies if the resource has debris.

Radius <float>: Radius checked when baking resources on a map.

Reset <float>: Amount of time it takes for the resource to respawn.

Reward_ID <uint16>: The item that should be spawned when destroyed.

Reward_Max <uint8>: Maximum amount of items spawned when destroyed.

Reward_Min <uint8>: Minimum amount of items spawned when destroyed.

Reward_XP <uint32>: The amount of experience that should be given when destroyed.

Scale <float>: How much the resource can be scaled when being spawned in.

SpeedTree <flag>: Specifies if the resource uses speed tree models.

SpeedTree_Default_LOD_Weights <flag>: Specifies if the LOD weights should default for the speed tree model.

Stick <uint16>: The stick item spawned when destroyed.

Vulnerable_To_All_Melee_Weapons <boolean>: Specifies if all melee weapons can damage the resource.

Vulnerable_To_Fists <boolean>: Specifies if players can damage the resource with their fists.

Vertical_Offset <float>: How much the resource should be offset vertically when being spawned in.

Last update: September 5, 2023