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Getting Started with Modding

Installing the Unity Editor is required for exporting custom content into the game. Any 2019.4 (or 2018.4, if still installed) LTS version should be compatible. View Download Links

Once Unity is installed a project can be created to house custom content. At this point it is recommended to import Unturned's provided source packages:

  1. Inside Unity open the Assets > Import Package > Custom Package... wizard.
  2. Find the Unturned installation directory.
  3. Navigate to the Bundles/Sources directory.
  4. Import the Project.unitypackage, and optionally the ExampleAssets.unitypackage.


This package contains the barebones required to export custom content:


This package contains vanilla content examples, and several useful prefabs:

  • CoreMasterBundle directory has at least one example of each piece of vanilla content.
  • Animations directory has all of the vanilla item animations for re-use.
  • Assets/Resources/Characters/Preview.prefab is helpful for previewing clothes.


Custom content should NOT be placed into the CoreMasterBundle, instead create a separate directory.

Last update: February 13, 2021
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